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Jo Wheeler works as a producer for a number of Radio Indies. Here are some of her latest productions:
2017 Manifesto
A five-part series about artistís manifestos.
BBC Radio 4 / Brook Lapping
  The Age of Emotion
A look at whether we're becoming too emotional.
Radio 4 / Just Radio
  Shanghai City of Youth
A series about young people in Chinaís most populous city.
World Service / Just Radio
  A Song for Syria
Syrian refugees and their musical instruments in Lebanon.
World Service / Just Radio
2016 Blue Canvas, The Artist Miles Davis
A look at how the jazz musician became a painter.
BBC Radio 4
  Tennant Looks Back at Osborne
On the 60th anniversary of John Osborne's Look back in Anger, David Tennant explores the biographical back story to the play.
BBC Radio 4 / Bite Media
  The Boda Boda Boom
Alan Kasujja explores the rise of Uganda's motorbike taxis.
World Service
2015 Ginsberg in India
Following in the footsteps of beat poet Allen Ginsberg, Jeet Thayil retraces his journey through India in the early 1960s.
BBC Radio 3
  Sarah Lucas at the Venice Biennale
With exclusive access to record with Sarah Lucas as she prepares for this year's Venice Biennale we present a rare and intimate radio portrait of one of Britain's most influential artists.
BBC Radio 4
  China's Football Revolution
Clive Anderson visits China to find out how football is transforming the country.
BBC Radio 4/ Just Radio
2014 Dr Hepcat and the Hepster's Dictionary
Lemn Sissay looks back at singer and bandleader Cab Calloway's dictionary of jive talk, which documented the musician's slang of 1930s Harlem.
Radio 4
  The Black Liberace
Record producer Joe Boyd remembers his time working with the great New Orleans pianist James Booker; the best one-eyed, gay, junkie piano player New Orleans ever produced…
Radio 4
2013 Johnny Cash and the Forgotten Prison Blues
Danny Robins explores the overlooked prison gigs of the Man in Black, featuring newly unearthed sound archives.
Radio 4/World Service/Unique Broadcasting Corporation

Radio Academy Award
Silver Winner, Best Documentary.

"An ear-opening radio documentary about a very gritty subject done with a deft and musical touch, exploring previously little known aspects of a musical legend."


  Fear and Trembling in Copenhagen
Philosopher Nigel Warbuton looks at the strange world of the father of existentialism, Soren Kierkegaard.
Radio 3/Just Radio
  T.S Eliot's India: Many Gods, Many Voices
Poet Daljit Nagra reveals the little known Indian side to T.S Eliot, and looks at how the author of The Waste Land nearly became a Buddhist.
Radio 4/Brook Lapping
  The Archive Hour: Collar the Lot
Actor Tom Conti explores Italian internment in World War II, and visits the Isle of Man where is own father was interned.
Radio 4/ Just Radio
2012 The Piano in Five Pieces
Five essays about the piano by Alastair Sooke, Wendy Cope, Susan Tomes, Luke Jerram and Stuart Isacoff. Radio 3/Just Radio
  Soho Stories
Audio app exploring the rich history of London's Soho, presenter Barry Cryer. National Trust/Phantom Productions

Soho Stories

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  A Foreigner Everywhere
Paul Farley explores the poet Elizabeth Bishop's Brazil years. Radio 4
  The Wire: Father, Son And Holy Ghost
A new play from award-winning playwright Kwame Kwei-Armah about a young, radical pastor whose rising church career is under threat.
Radio 3
  Architects of Taste
Ian Kelly explores the art of food and architects of cookery.
Radio 4/Just Radio
2011 The Truth About NGOs
Alan Little explores the NGO sector in India. World Service/Just Radio
  The Poetry of Aran
The poet Daljit Nagra explores the poetic appeal of the Irish Aran islands. Radio 4/Just Radio
  The Sleep Diaries
Poet Paul Farley mixes science, history and the arts to explore the mysteries of sleep. Radio 4

"a lovely series... about sleep that draw on poems, history, science, personal experience and proper research to weave together little dreams of what it’s like... Paul Farley... is a familiar presence on Radios 3 and 4, and Jo Wheeler, his producer, serves him well"


  Atomic States
A look at the history and future of the nuclear industry with Richard Black. World Service
  Music Weekly podcast: Little Dragon
Podcast presented by Alexis Petridis. The Guardian
  The Swedish Invasion
Comedian Danny Robins explores the current Swedish cultural invasion. Radio 4
  Science fiction, and the age of astronomy
Podcast presented by Alok Jha. The Guardian Science Weekly
  The human era, and war without tears
Podcast presented by Alok Jha. The Guardian Science Weekly
  A Thousand Kisses
A new play by Frederic Raphael about the Roman poet Catullus. Radio 3
2010 2050 An Earth Odyssey
Richard Black looks at solutions to environmental issues. World Service
  Minimum Wage
Guardian podcast, with Jon Henley. The Guardian
  English Words, Indian Lines
Daljit Nagra explores Indian poetry in English. Radio 4/Just Radio
  The Mary Whitehouse Effect
Joan Bakewell looks at 50 years of moral outrage. Radio 4/Just Radio
A series of essays by Oscar-winning writer Frederic Raphael. Radio 3
  Final Demands
The second sequel to Frederic Raphael's The Glittering Prizes. Radio 4
  The Essay: Chopin
A celebration of Chopin's bicentenary presented by Piers Lane. Radio 3
2009 Elvis: Movie King or Celluloid Sellout
The forgotten movies of the King of Rock n Roll. Radio 2/Just Radio
  Bal Bazaar 'Between the Ears'
with award-winning poet Daljit Nagra. Radio 3
  Child of the State
Poet Lemn Sissay explores his childhood in state and foster care.
Radio 4

"this excellent listen… was surprising at every turn and left a lasting impression on those who listened to it"


  Hitchcon '09
Douglas Adams panel show at the Royal Festival Hall
with Clive Anderson
  The Movie that Changed my Life
Honor Blackman discusses movie classic All About Eve. Radio 2
  Bonjour Monsieur Aznavour
Series about legendary French singer with Petula Clark. Radio 2
  Chopin's Neighbour
A look at the life and work of overlooked romantic genius Alkan. Radio 3
2008 Tulips in Winter
Drama on 3 with Timothy Spall. Radio 3
  The Archive Hour: 50 Years of Ban the Bomb
Presented by Matthew Parris. Radio 4
2007 Fish for Life
Investigative series about the global fishing industry. World Service
  Fame and Fortune
Frederic Raphael's sequel to The Glittering Prizes with Tom Conti and Miranda Richardson. Radio 4 Chloe, by Mike Stott. With Alison Steadman. Radio 4
  W.H. Auden Centenary programme
about the poet's love of music.
Presenter Alexander McCall Smith. Radio 4

"Masterly, entertaining. By far the best of all the programmes I have heard celebrating W.H Auden's centenary... clear, precise, elegant, illuminating… archive in exact and well-chosen amounts.

The choice of recording was exemplary, the script beautifully written and spoken. I have seldom spent half an hour in more rewarding company. Complaints? Not one."


2008 Iain Burnside
Themed weekly music strand. Radio 3
  Clive Anderson’s Chat Room
Topical comedy series. Radio 2
  Opus Dei, presenter Roger Bolton.
Investigation into controversial religious order. World Service
  Naked Ambitions
Exploration of the glamour industry. 1Xtra
  Mean Girls 1Xtra
Investigation into young women and violence with access to New Hall Prison.
2007/8 On the Blog
Two series of sitcom starring Caroline Quentin. Radio 2
2006 The Real Thing
by Tom Stoppard, directed by Trevor Nunn. Radio 4
2005 The S.J. Perelman Story
presented by Woody Allen. Radio 4
  'Til the End of the Day: The Kinks Story
presented by Chrissie Hynde. Radio 2
  Jam Yesterday
by Peter Nichols, starring Warren Mitchell. World Service
  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Radio 4

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